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45 million people threatened by hunger
UN warn of a hunger crisis in southern Africa

the World Food Program in Rome announced more than ever before. Accordingly, women and children are particularly affected.

The UN agency cited repeated droughts, floods as a result of climate change, as the causes.

The hunger crisis is unprecedented and threatens to worsen. "Absolutely vital" is also a strengthening of resistance to increasingly frequent and destructive droughts and storms. These are caused, among other things, by climate change.

The affected countries such as Zambia and Mozambique are affected by climate change without having contributed to climate change. The people there suffer from the effects that the industrialized countries and the standard of living of the people there have triggered.

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Volksbank Kraichgau, IBAN: DE16 2729 2200 0038 9152 07, BIC: GENODE61WIE

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Annual Report 2019

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New Sponsor - TIPP OIL

The manufacturer of high-quality lubricants from Germany fits the Zenaga Foundation, as high-quality lubricants reduce the fuel consumption of machines and TIPP Oil actively contributes to waste prevention through its Re-Bottle system.

TIPP OIL avoids environmentally and climate-damaging plastic waste with the Re – Bottle campaign. That is why we have handed over the "Innovation of the Year 2019" certificate to the Board of TIP OIL to Sebastian Maier.



TIPP OIL uses the Label and a seal of the Zenaga Foundation for active communication with customers and business partners. In addition, we create photos, videos and other communication possibilities for our sponsor.

At our meeting, we discussed the Zenaga Foundation's action and project ideas and the support options offered by TIPP OIL.

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Good Morning 2020 - HAPPY NEW YEAR

Thank you for you Friendship, Partnership
Support - Donation - Sponsorship in 2019.

We look forward to a good Relationship, Cooperation
and new Projects / Action - with you - this Year!

Contact: info@zenaga.de
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Last minute - tax savings 2019

Save taxes for this year and support
our community service in sustainable development.

The donations will benefit our campaigns

USA donations:

German donors:

Request to info@zenaga.de
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