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Zenaga Foundation founds "Board of Excellency"
MdB Frank Heinrich awarded for extensive commitment

With the creation of the "Board of Excellency", the Zenaga Foundation improves the performance by adding another element. After the good work of the organization
is confermed by the United Nations and the extension
of charitable status until Dec. 2023 (by the tax office) ,
the Board should advise the management and support with contacts.

The name of the Board was chosen wisely. Its members should honored for there great work in our Therms like, Climate Protection, Reducing of Migration, sustainable Devepolment, international Understanding,
modern Technologies and Charitable Actions.

Frank Heinrich (Member of the German Bundestag)
was due to his extensive commitment and his expertise appointed as a first member of the board. Over the next few years, the "Board of Excellency" will gradually
be supplemented by further exemplary national
and international personalities.

If you would like to nominate a person for the board,
please send me an e-mail to: k.zimmermann@zenaga.de
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Zenaga Foundation

Annual Report 2018

On our website you will find the latest report.

Your company, too, can benefit from the opportunities of interacting with the Zenaga Foundation in the distribution of your products and services, the acquisition of employees and in CSR.

We are happy to talk to you about a meaningful interaction for you: +491712784066 or info@zenaga.de

Kai Zimmermann
CEO Zenaga Foundation
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Start the year with a good deed
- support our charitable work with a donation.

International: lnkd.in/gcBQh7W

USA: lnkd.in/gmQZCTd

Our charitable work covers the following topics:

* Climate and environmental protection,
* International Understanding,
* sustainable Development and Migration Avoidance,
* Education,
* Improving health care,
* Position of women,

More Information can be found at: www.zenaga.de

To implement our work, we need your help.

Become part of the Zenaga Foundation family
with your donation and motivate your friends
to donate to us too.

Thank you and God bless you.
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Zenaga Foundation

Christmas and New Year greetings
to our friends, partners and supporters

The videos can be found on our You Tube channel:

We are happy to include you in our newsletter or press mailing list - just send an e-mail to: info@zenaga.de.

We are looking forward to a dialogue with you.

Best regards

Kai Zimmermann
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At the UN Climate Conference, the Zenaga Foundation was able to perform at the live stream from the UN Action Hub.

The Zenaga combines and shows good examples to promote know-how and technology to solve the challenges. For this we need the support again in 2019 from donors, sponsors and other friends.


US – Donation:

Int. – Donation:

Internet: www.zenaga.de

www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqc5jpnbqig&pbjreload=10It was a great honor for us to share the live stream of the UN from the Action Hub of COP 24 on the work of the Zenaga Foundation.
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